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Part 3 - Protect and Store

31st Oct 2019

Part 3 - The final leg of our end of winter clean n store. We will be protecting again and finally packing away those winter warmers that you have selected to go another year.

Spring Cleaning Windows DIY

24th Oct 2019

How ToCleanDIYHealth Benefits

Window Cleaning - not the most enjoyable job to do, but this DIY way is quick, simple and with no chemicals - not one

Part 2 - Washing Woolens

30th Sep 2019

How ToPack Away N ProtectWashing Woolens

Part 2 is all about washing those good woolen jumpers, blankets and your other favorite winter warmers. By hand or machine, what products to use, how to use them, condition and start protecting.

Part 1 - De-Pill and Brushing Woolens.

23rd Sep 2019

How ToCleaning WoolensPack Away N Protect

With winter over it is time to start getting those favorite woolens ready to pack away by starting with de-pilling and brushing coats etc.... preparing them for part 2

Meeting Clients

23rd Jul 2019

Product Order Pick UpTravelling Through

Need a top up on eucalyptus oil and some cleaning products and your traveling through Tumut. Let me know in advance.

On The Road - area product order delivery route

15th Jul 2019

Area Delivery RouteTravelling Through

Travel Plans for the next couple of months

Using Squish on a BBQ

05th Jul 2019

How ToBBQ CleaningHousehold CleaningSquish

One way of using our Squish product to clean a favorite Aussie iconic cooking item.