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100 gm Tea Tree Skin Care Soap - Single

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This new single soap size has a larger percentage of Pure Australian Tea Tree Oil (Melaleuca alternifolia) added in for an everlasting aroma and not forgeting the importance of oil percentage to fight against bacteria.
Having it's own built in natural antiseptic, anti-bacterial and fungal qualities, the cleaning ability is excellent.
Glycerin been one of the raw ingredients will maintain the skins natural oil balance to help skin to keep moisturized while the pure Tea Tree Oil guards against irritation and allergies.
Soothes itchy and irritated skin, leaving the skin feeling calm and hygienically clean. 
Ideal for sensitive skin consumers from teenage to the very mature ages. 
Use this product on a wet netted sponge. The netted sponge helps to remove dead skin which can build up to caurse itchyness.
This soap bar will keep surprising you in the continuation of it's softness and creaminess, wash after wash, right down to the smallest bit.
Each 100 gram bar of soap is wrapped for hygiene and freshness.
Great size to give as a small gift, travel bag or to try yourself. 
Can also be purchased in a 4 pack, full box of 20 singles or 5 x 4 packs in a box.
These boxes can be mixed with the different varieties as long as the box is full.