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What our clients would like to tell you about our products, service and visiting our distillery.

Dishwashing Liquid

On a trip to Victoria several months ago, I purchased a Dishwashing Liquid from a Restaurant/Store in Gundagai. It is, without doubt, the best dishwashing liquid I have tried, in all my years, and there have been quite a few!
I no longer have a problem with my hands after washing the dishes, and I no longer have to use rubber gloves, which Ioathe, and of course, it does an excellent job of cleaning the dishes!!
As well, it has been very economical.
So it scores on all fronts!!
I also bought your Woollen Wash and that too is excellent, in fact, you make a very good product, keep up the good work.

Anne - East Maitland, NSW - October 2007

Amazing Products

Dear Andrea & Paul
My husband and I purchased some products from one of your events and just want to say a big thank you!
I have tried the squish and yes, it "blows gumption out of the water", just as you said, Paul.
The spray cleaner is fantastic and I tried the shampoo for the first time this morning and really like it.
I am so impressed with the washing powder and I am only sorry that I didn't pick up some of the Aqua Fresh whilst I was there.
Thank you once again for a brilliant line of products. I never expected, in my 34 years of marriage, to say good bye to an old partner, but Gumption and I must now part ways.
Kind regards

Fidelis - ACT - February 2009

Visiting the Distillery

Andrea & Paul
Thank you so much for welcoming us yesterday.
We had a lovely day (weather was perfect).
The talk by Paul was very informative & explanations & uses of products by Andrea was great.
I am sure all our homes will be spotless & smell great.
Having the fire going (great hot plate for our lunch) & hay bails a nice touch.
People who had not been up that way before could not get enough of the scenery.
Nobody complained about the roads, they gave the old cars a good workout.
Once again THANK YOU both.
Bill & Janet on behalf of the Gundagai Antique Motor Club - May 2015

Hi Bill & Janet
The pleasure was all ours to have you all the other day. It was indeed a perfect day and we are so glade that the dirt roads did not offend anybody and hurt the old cars. We are only sorry that we didn't get to spend time with each of you for normal chit chat.
Thank you all and anytime. Andrea & Paul - Yesteryear Plantations - May 2015

Bill & Janet - Gundagai Antique Motor Club

Goats Milk Soap

To Paul & Andrea
I was wondering if you could send me 2 pkts of Goats Milk soap.
We both my husband and myself use it and find it very good for our ageing skin (84 yrs & 82 yrs).
Our daughter in law from Queensland uses it for her psoriasis and it is helping her rash.
Many thanks

Mrs Marie - Tocumwal, NSW - July 2008

Dishwashing Liquid & Eucalyptus Laundry Soap Powder

Dear Andrea,
I would like to order some more dishwashing liquid and laundry powder.
I still have some laundry powder (rationed out) and a bit more dishwashing liquid left in a container.
I break it down with water in a smaller container.
It's is a great favourite and the laundry powder really cleans the sheets or pants - jeans etc.
Thank you very much.

Elizabeth - Forestville, NSW - January 2008

Product sharing & service

Thank you Paul & Andrea for sending my very well packaged parcel of your great Yesteryear products on behalf of my daughter, Lyn.
Very much appreciated.
Best Wishes & Happy Easter

Rosemary - Buddina, Qld

Eucalyptus Oil Aroma

Dear Andrea,
Please send me 1 litre bottle of Radiata Eucalyptus Oil.
I did enjoy our phone call.
I have enclosed a cheque, hope it is right.
I will be able to splash it around the house & think I am back in the bush.
Many thanks for a great oil.

Yvonne - Dickson, ACT - April 2014

Automatic Dishwasher Powder

Dear Andrea,
I look forward to receiving my order!
I wanted to let you know that automatic dishwasher powder is fantastic!
We have a half size machine so we use 1/4 teaspoon per load.
I was finding it left white coating on the glasses but when I reduced the amount too much it didn't wash the pots properly.
I've taken to using 1/4 of your powder with 1/8 teaspoon of Morning Fresh dishwasher gel and the combination works a treat!
I'm recommending your products to my friends and family.

Maia - Woodford, ACT - March 2016

Lemon Myrtle Soap

Dear Andrea,
Thank you for persevering with my phone message, & for taking my order for 2 x 1 litre bottles of euco oil and a box of your beautiful lemon myrtle soap.
And you really needn't apologize for the cost of the lemon myrtle.
How could anyone complain, when we just have to think of the magic of myrtle being grown, let alone harvested and then captured in lovely soap!
Keep on with your good works!
Cheers for now

Sue - Rylstone, NSW - June 2008

Visiting Yesteryear

Dear Andrea and Paul
We are still thinking about our visit to Yesteryear and the magnificence of your piece of paradise!
Thank you so much for sharing it with us.

Kerry & Anne, NSW - September 2016

Visiting Property

Hello Andrea and Paul,
Thank you for showing us your distiling place and property. We are impressed with your life surrounded by the great nature.
I hope that my daughter learned something from the experience.
The Eucalyptus Drops are very nice. Thank you for them. In winter (in Japan) I will order some from Japan.
Thank you for taking time to see us. I can introduce your oil with more confidence - the highest quality products come from family concerns I feel.
Kind regards,
Kimiko - Tokyo, Japan - August 2017

Hi Kimiko,
The pleasure was all ours to have you and your family visit our property from so far away. It was a great afternoon and the weather was kind to us for this time of the year. Thank you and anytime.
Andrea & Paul - Yesteryear Plantations - August 2017

Kimiko - Tokyo, Japan - August 2017

Batlow Day View Club

Dear Andrea,
Just a short note to thank you for your time yesterday. It was appreciated.
Everyone on the bus back to Batlow spoke of their enjoyment of the day and their interest in all you are doing.

Beth (Sec), Batlow Day View Club - May 2018

Thank You For Your Products

Hi Andrea
I was at your plantation, a couple of weeks ago with the Batlow Day View Club.
I tried your hand cream and my hands felt so much better, for a day or two, and now I know why. You said that you come to Baltow on Tuesdays, and you could deliver some products if we needed something. I would like to have two tubes of hand cream with eucalyptus, peppermint & rosemary and also a tube of 5% tea tree oil cream.
Thank you and thank you for your products.
I am yet to clean my carpet with your squish product. Will do in the next couple of days.

Maria, NSW - June 2018